Which is the best choice for clothing? Which is the best barcode scanner for acceptance clothing? Due to many kinds of brands of barcode scanners and many different types of it, it is hard for outsider to choose the suitable one. But if we know about the following points, we will quickly to choose the suitable one.

If you have some experience in working on garment industry, I believe that you are not an alien to this barcode of clothing. The clothing barcode is varied by clothing type. And there are many different types of clothing barcode. Some are in a large size and some are small. Knowing about the barcode size of clothing well can make us do the best decision.

If the barcode of clothing is rather small, such as 3mil,we can choose barcode scanner that must do the job well. We recommend you the type of NT-2018

NT-2018 1D codes wireless laser bar code scanner with CE
Features:? ?
1.Good scanning performance: it can scan 3mil barcode
2.Large Storage; maximum storage reaches?100000 codes; memory 4M can be extended to 8M.
3.Scan storage and total scans counting.
4.Long communication distance;?150-300m indoor and 300-500m outdoor.
5. Supporting network construction;?1 base to 254 readers or 15 bases to 1 reader; ID display.
6.Repeated code detection; no messy-code programmed.
7.Free of charging trouble; battery?lasts 6-10 hours after full charged; base functions as receiver and charger.
8.Long lifespan battery; demountable and replaceable.

If the barcode of clothing is relatively common, such as 4mil. We recommend you the NT-1698.
NT-1698 wired 1d handheld laser barcode scanner code 39/upc code barcode scanner

Why?choose?RADALL NT-1698?
In conclusion, the barcode size of clothing is the top factor that we must consider in choosing scanner. If you have any other doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us. It would be honored to provide our professional service to you.

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