Firstly A barcode scanner must be equipped with rugged shell which can resist corrosion from chemical reagent such as cleanser and so on . Secondly a barcode scanner must be provided with high scanning speed which can shorten working hours and reduce workloads, therefore it can improve the efficiency and accuracy of treatment in hospital.

Medical mobile terminal is widely applied in Mobile Nursing station, Outpatient infusion management, doctor’s visiting ward management, surgical instrument management, drug distribution management, hospital asset management such kind of fields.

Choosing a barcode scanner in healthcare industry, it must be ergonomic design, comfortable handle, portability, equipment compact and mobile operation. A barcode scanner in healthcare industry must in equipped with antibacterial shell which can avoid cross infection. If meet the above criteria, a barcode scanner can make more safer user experience and more appropriate for healthcare industry. We recommend you the following kind of barcode scanner.

High Quality: NT-1209 Waterproof and quakeproof Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner With Memory

1209 (1)

1209 (2)

1. Factory direct sale, cheap price and stable scanning
2. Fast and accurate in reading 1D codes
3. Service life of button reaches up to 8 million times.
4. Mulitple interface, support USB (standard), RS232 (optional),PS/2 (optional).
5. No need driver, plug and play
6. IP67 Industrial Grade, drop lots of time from 7 high meters still work normally, work under water for more than 30 minutes

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