As for dedicated barcode scanner in Bank, which is better? We know that every day there are a lot of important blank vouchers cash, checks, bills of exchange and certificates of deposit in the bank vault and between each shop business flow, these important assets out of storage register for asset tracking and security plays a vital role. The two-dimensional code technology with powerful information storage capacity and fault tolerance is perfect to meet the demand for bank liquidity balance due tank tracking and management. Of these, only the barcode scanner to recognize the barcode information. So choose a reliable performance of bank-specific bar code scanner is essential.

Faced with domestic and international market on the scanner so many brands out exactly, how to select a good cost-effective bank dedicated barcode scanner? по факту, not difficult to answer this question, we need to know barcode scanner in each bank processes in the role in advance. In order to better know what the needs of the job bank for the barcode scanner, and then address these needs to choose the appropriate barcode scanner on it.

As banks are frequently escorted the balance due every day, so the balance due tank flow tracking and management is very important, then why do we want to use barcode scanner to record and manage the balance due ? Because in the absence of the use of barcode scanning guns, every day, the staff will need a bank vault bank balance due each numbered box to manually enter computer systems, business outlets of the clerks in the same manner storage records. This mechanical manual keyboard input would happen thousands of times a day, taking up a lot of manpower and time, and there is a big risk of error, it is difficult to guarantee effective management of critical assets. With the continuous expansion of bank outlets, this inefficient way apparently unable to meet the development needs of the entire Group’s asset management. Therefore, the use of advanced technology two-dimensional code, the balance due for each tank is equipped with a QR barcode, the QR code each contain a unique number information. Thus, when the final payment boxes out of storage, the staff simply scan the barcode can be read ID information and automatically transferred to a computer system. Convenient and accurate record of the movement of the balance due tank.

As banks are frequently escorted daily balance due, depreciation barcode on the box, broken very quickly, so the ordinary barcode scanner and sometimes may not identify them. So choose a reliable, high breakage barcode recognition barcode scanner is very important.

As for Bank dedicated barcode scanner, which is more suitable? Here we recommend our Netum NT-1205 Bluetooth wireless scanning gun is ideal for bank use.which is the scanner with superior barcode scanning and digital image capture performance, even on damaged barcode also has a powerful error correction recognition. And has optimized custom designed for barcode scanning sensors and revolutionary decoding architecture, and has an extended depth of field, an advanced exercise enhanced sensitivity and image recognition, so that the two-dimensional code reading more efficient and convenient. Bluetooth Class3, v3.0 wireless technology makes it can move freely within the base around 10 meters and data collection, in the absence of the mobile barrier range can be extended to 30 meters, to avoid the data cable to tie him down and increase ease of use. In addition, power management technology provides up to last 8 hours of continuous battery life of lithium-ion batteries scanner, the bank staff to ensure uninterrupted use of line in the same shift.

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