M Barcode Scanner

M Barcode Scanner

2D КПК сканер штрих-кода can read two-dimension bar code, storing data in two dimension, in stead of only a series of black & white bar code. 2D barcodes stacked atop one another look like checkerboards or a series of traditional barcodes. 2D barcode scanner applies CCD and imager technology to read codes. Specially, 2D barcode reader display an excellent performance, which can be used in management business POS systems, супермаркеты, warehouse logistics, books, banking, transport, postal services, as well as industrial, manufacturing, and other fields. If you want to know more details about 2D barcode scanner, please kindly keep reading…

NT-M5 Wired Barcode Scanner

1. Comfortable handy 2. Read 1D and 2D codes 3. Это простой режим для пользователей, которым требуется только чтение матрицы данных,en, PDF417,QR code 4. Cheaper hot selling 2D barcode scanner 5. Can read codes directly from screen

NT-M3 1D CCD проводной сканер штрих-кода

Model Number: NT-M3,en
Short Features:
Супер способность декодирования
Decoding rate: 220 times per second
Customer setting: Barcode setting mode, easy to operate
Полное независимое право интеллектуальной собственности
Интеллектуальное управление АРУ

NT-M2 1D Cordless Barcode Scanner

1. Long communication distance ,50-100 meters 2. Excellent decoding speed 3. Scanner has memory, can store around 2000pcs

NT-M1 1D Handheld Wired Laser Barcode Scanner,USB Plug&Play Mode

Model Number:НТ-М1,,en,UPC код,,en
UPC Code:607885672225
Short Features:
Factory direct sale, cheap price and stable scanning
Fast and accurate in reading 1D codes
Service life of button reaches up to 8 million times.
No need driver, plug and play
Supporting the RS232,PS2 and USB interface