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About us

Guangzhou Netum Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., é um oi empresa de tecnologia especializada no desenvolvimento, fabrica??o, sale and service of bar code scanning equipments. It provides world-wide customers with Netum brand and OEM/ODM products of CCD Barcode Scanners, Laser Barcode Scanner, Os leitores a laser anti-estático, Scanner Wireless Laser Barcode, Omni-directional Scanner and Data CollectCompany Profileion Terminals.

Na fase inicial, Netum began as a recognized bar code scanner OEM and ODM facilitated by a professional technical team and a well-equipped and productive factory. With its advantages of products’ steady performance, longa vida útil, recursos pendentes, competitive price and Netumer’ satisfactory customer service, Netum tinha crescido o seu volume de negócios anual por vezes, e em 2013 Guangzhou Netum Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. foi fundada em Guangzhou da China Continental para continuar e expandir seus negócios e servi?os para clientes em todo o mundo.

For now, Netum has grown into a leading and professional bar code scanning equipment manufacture in China, supported by

  • an strong technical team
  • an experienced management team
  • productive factories
  • a well-trained service team
  • an enthusiastic marketing team

The Netum product of China operates through a more successful business of a series and provides with better service, there is good sale accomplishment in national and each terminal market of big city. With each agency’s great effort, in 2013 e 2014, Netum had gained the largest market share of bar code scanning equipments in China, witnessing the popularity of “Netum” brand raised consumedly and the approbation of the consumer.

Netum products, now in its own brand or other brands, have been widely used in a variety of industries, such as banking, telecom, logistics, warehousing and commercial POS system applied in stores and supermarkets.