Waterproof barcode scanner

Waterproof barcode scanner

CCD handheld barcode scanner with excellent performance and stable barcode reader, fully ergonomic shape design, super movement, excellent technical production; ensure more quickly and accurately read all one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code, super decoder system can be very effectively reading incomplete code, fuzzy code; in shopping malls, logistics, factories, warehouses, high-intensity work environment, industrial laser bar code scanner to provide you with the best scanning performance, the most stable and most durable use of experience the whole structure design. Such products are not only simple, but also comfortable, fast, and reliable.

NT-1209 IP67 Waterproof Wireless laser barcode scanner

Model Number:NT-1209
Short Features:
Factory direct sale, cheap price and stable scanning
Fast and accurate in reading 1D codes
Service life of button reaches up to 8 million times.
No need driver, plug and play
Supporting the RS232,PS2 and USB interface

NT-1203 2D IP67 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Model Number: NT-1203
Short Features:
New design concept,make operation more comfortable.
Applying CMOS image technology, easy to scan.
Multiple dacode ability, fast to scan 1D/2D barcode and PDF417.
Best shape design, anti-knock and quakeproof.
Supporting the RS232,PS2 and USB interface

NT-1208 IP67 Wired Laser Barcode Scanner

Model Number: NT-2018
Short Features:
New Hot Netum Bar Code Scanner Good For NT-1208
Symbologies: 1D code
Precision:3 mil (0.076mm)
Scan Speed: 200 times/sec