W Barcode Scanner

W Barcode Scanner

Wireless handheld barcode scanner can be used freely, you can use it with a longer distance to the mini USB receiver on the computer interface within 300 meters, ie using radio frequencies similar to cordless phones to send scanned information back to a computer-attached base station. Cordless / Wireless scanner can significantly improve, which cable may be damaged or restrict access to any application item being scanned. And we also designed the wireless scanner to a fashionable shape which are popular in our buyers. Let’s come and know more about it.

NT-W8 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner Bar Code Reader

Model Number: NT-W5
Short Features:
Super decoding ability
Decoding rate: 200 times per second
Customer setting: Barcode setting mode, easy to operate
Full independent intellectual property right
Intelligent AGC control

W5 2D Wired Barcode Scanner

Model Number: X1
Short Features:
Factory direct sale, cheap price and stable scanning
Fast and accurate in reading 1D codes
Service life of button reaches up to 8 million times.
No need driver, plug and play
Supporting the RS232,PS2 and USB interface