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According the above methods ( details please reference to the Use’s manual); 1, Press down the button of the scanner about 10-20 seconds; 2, The light of the scanner is blue and flash; 3, Open the bluetooth of the mobile phone and search the scanner, as the following pictures show: 4, Open a Text, and […]

Top1. Symbol Establish in 1975, Us, the founder of the barcode industrial, the top 10 of the world scanner,  MOTOROLA (China) investment co., LTD Top2. Metrologic Establish in 1968 of US, The world’s leading laser holographic barcode scanning equipment  manufacturers, belong to Honeywell group company. Top3. Intermec Establish in 1966, The only one in the world who can provide the most comprehensive solutions  in the field of automatic identification of the company, the top 10 scanner brand,. Top4. Datalogic Leading global/Europe’s largest barcode scanner data collector/RFID equipment manufacturers,  one of Italy’s biggest one of the photoelectric sensor manufacturers Top5. Opticon Began in 1976, the world’s one of the earliest companies specializing in manufacturing barcode  scanner, multinational company, many applications with automatic identification solutions company Top6. HHP Honeywell group brands, a leading global automatic identification and data collection technology  developer and manufacturer, 2 d imaging of leading enterprises Top7. CipherLAB In 1988 in Taiwan, a leading global AIDC solutions company, one of the most competitive small  and medium enterprises in Taiwan, the saifu lai electronics trading (Shanghai) co., LTD Top8. Argox Asian supply across the bar code products and peripheral equipment manufacturers, automatic  identification industry leading brand and famous solution provider, Shanghai force like computer co., LTD Top9. Zebex Dedicated to the research/development and promote the whole series bar code scanning equipment  and solutions have a number of leading international patent technology giant photoelectric (Shanghai) co., LTD Top10. Newland Specializing in data terminal equipment technology research, product development, manufacturing  and product management of enterprise, fujian new automatic identification technology co., LTD

Due to the QR code cost low, its information move with the mobile carrier without relying on a database and computer networks and secret security and other advantages. Combined with the large population, investment funds of the computer network seems more difficult. If we want a highly safe management system, it is highly necessary to […]

May we are very familiar with wired scanners, because mostly the wired scanner just need to plug before work, you only need one cable to connect to a computer can immediately use, no other operations, and the wireless barcode scanner which is just need to insert the USB mini-receiver is able to scan the bar […]

NO.1 Super decoding capability The new decoding scheme, equipped with 32-bit ARM CPU can scan bar codes to international standards, to read quickly and accurately; even poorly printed bar codes and subtle one such as 3 mil are fine. NO.2 Industrial waterproof performance Industrial grade IP67 protection class(IP67 Ingress Protection Rating), after the body soaked […]

Dear old and new partners and friends: Hello everyone! Sixth China Business Information Technology Industry Conference scheduled for March 31, 2013 – Held in Xiamen on April 2nd, well-known brands as the annual corporate communications platform and partners, in 2013 a new environment, strengthen industry standard, deepen cooperation in the core; to create industry innovation […]

November 14 to 16, 2013, the fifteenth session of the China (Chengdu) Chain Store Expo gorgeous display and successfully concluded. Exhibition area 60,000 square meters, equivalent to more than 2,200 international standard booths, is China’s chain retail industry, high-profile international event, also Chinese chain retail industry an important platform for the promotion the seamless connect […]