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The value of quality enhancement

Since Janurary 2006,Guangzhou Netum Electronic Technology Co., Limitado. has adopt Independent accounting system entirely according to the Qualified Product Criterion, the purpose of which is to take charge of the quality of products and to arose workers‘ enthusiasm .Our target is rather clear-cut :first ,all products we made must accord with customers requirements, high quality and fast production speed; second, we must control all kinds of loss costs and reduce the origins of them; third, every workers must elaborate their own initiatives.

We can refer to the governance of Sanyo, which is quality management and overall staff participation, especially “3N, 4M, 5S.”

3N refers to principal of the quality management, which means No Accepting, No Manufacturing and No Transferring unqualified products. By monitoring the process of manufacturing and assembling, our aim is reach the Zero Defect. In every position, every staff must bear in mind that our products must meet the customers satisfaction and our own standard. That is a new concept in this competitive market. It is essential for everybody to focus on the quality of products and the effective system of ensuring the qualified products.

4M refers to the scientific application of Man, Machine, Material and Methods. Man— have the awareness of competitive and quality. Machine–high capacity utilization. Material-reasonable input and output. Method-application of best approaches. Among which the human management and initiatives of staff are the key to the management system.

5S refers to the five ways of administration in civilized production. Which includes arrangement, reorganization, dusting ,clearing , and attainment. Arrangement means the useful stuff must separate from the dumb thoroughly. The useful stuff must in a specific position, whereas the dumb must be disposed. Reorganization means if we find some stuff which is unmarked and untreated, the administrator will look into the responsibility of the parties. Dusting is sweeping manufacturing area, office, machine, material ,tool and so on. Clearing is daily maintainable activities after above three steps. Which means every staff must spend 3 or 5 minutes in clearing before off working. The purpose is to keep our surroundings in a good state. Attainment is to developing good behaviours of politeness, good working habit, disciplined organization, and professional dedication. Our target is to create a clearing, comfortable, and civilized production environment, regulate staff’s behavior, therefore to create a good corporate image .

OQC is a conclusion of the production. We recheck every performance of one product according to the principals of company and customers requirements to make sure whether the product is meet the customers needs and requirements. Our standard is that every product must be rechecked and unqualified products mustn’t for sale. Qualified rate must be 100%.

“know your demands ,and we create your pursuits”. We must bear that in our mind firmly. In order to satisfy customer’s excessive demands, every staff must in a full participation and mutual supervision. We must exert every efforts to improve the quality of products. As long as we towards the same goal, we will realize our dream in the near future.