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As for dedicated barcode scanner in Bank, which is better? We know that every day there are a lot of important blank vouchers cash, checks, bills of exchange and certificates of deposit in the bank vault and between each shop business flow, these important assets out of storage register for asset tracking and security plays […]

Problem 1. When the scanner scan the barcode, the buzzer sounds normally, but no data transmission Reason: The reasons for this problem may be the scanner’s scanning settings are incorrect, resulted no data transmission on scanner, another reason may be the failure of wire cable transmission, which leads to no data transmission. Solution: You can refer to the manual reset the scanner to ensure that the corresponding data line settings are correct. Problem 2. The scanner serial cable is connected, but no data transmission when reading Reason: The reasons for this problem may have two, one is probably not set scanner’s serial mode, and the second may be a communication protocol error. Solution: According to the instructions, the scanner is setted to serial mode, and ensure proper communication protocol. Problem 3. When the scanner scans, LED does not light, and there is no buzzer sound, no laser. Reason: Such a situation may be the scanner power is not turned on, or data line interface is not seated tightly, due to poor contact. Solution: First, check the scanner’s power supply connected, if you ensure the connection, you need to check the data line interface is loose, it is preferable to data lines reconnect scanning gun to ensure normal power use. Problem 4. The scanner can be a normal use, but no buzzer sound. Reason: This situation is basically the reason scanner muted. Solution: Only […]

Dear Customer, Greetings from Guangzhou Netum! We, the Netum team, take the honor and privilege to invite you to our Netum booth at the COMPUTEX Expo – Taipei, 2016. Netum is a hi-tech enterprise which specializes in the development, manufacture, sale and service of bar code scanning equipments. It provides world-wide customers with Netum brand and OEM/ODM products […]

Which is the best choice for clothing? Which is the best barcode scanner for acceptance clothing? Due to many kinds of brands of barcode scanners and many different types of it, it is hard for outsider to choose the suitable one. But if we know about the following points, we will quickly to choose the […]

Some solutions are bellowed; First: the barcode scanner cannot emit light. Possible reasons 1,the cable of the barcode scanner is not connected. 2,the cable of the barcode scanner is not connected with the computer well. 3,the power of the computer is insufficient. 4,the USB port or the PS port is not in work condition. 5,the […]

Operating principle Heat is the process that thermal printers use to create an image. Thermal printers consists of two types, thermal transfer (also known as thermal wax) and direct thermal (also known as thermal autochrome). Special paper that is chemically treated is used by direct thermal printers, and when heat is applied to the paper […]

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