I think the clients use the barcode scanner for the first time, who may be consult the most common problem:“Barcode scanner need to install any software or drivers?” There may be some suppliers will answer you, “plug and play barcode scanner. Yeah, you do not need to install any drivers or software. ” But when you buy a barcode scanner, and see that sweeping out a string of numbers on a computer screen, but you found that do not know what to do next. In fact, I guess your question is probably not very accurate, so you may consult the “I need barcode scanner worked with any other software to use it?” Such vendors will answer you, “Oh, that depends What the nature of your business is, such as the supermarket, you may also need to purchase a Invoicing software “and so on.
First, the use of barcode scanner is very simple, the barcode scanner is generally divided into three interfaces, namely USB, serial port and keyboard port. You do not have to tangle on the interface, only need to choose the interface you use, that is what the interface on your computer or other device, you can choose what the interface on the right, the majority of cases, the majority of users use the USB interface .The detailed operating procedures as below:
1) First, the data lines are connected to the barcode scanner data cable jack and computer USB port (other interfaces scanner connected to a slightly different way, specifically refer to the user manual).
2) Hold down the trigger key, lights are activated, a red light area and red line focus.
3) the red line focus at the barcode center, mobile scanner and adjust the distance between it and the barcode to find the best reading distance.
4) hear the beeper from sounding success, while the red light goes off line, the reading is successful, the decoded data scanner transmission to the host.

Viewed from above, the barcode scanner function is to replace manual input, faster and more convenient. In simple terms the equivalent of a keyboard is an input tool, simply scanned the barcode number, and then displayed on the computer and other terminals. Not as non-professionals argued, after scanning the barcode can immediately see the information on the barcode on behalf of (name, price, etc.). This information is need to use other software to appear, and the software you need based on your merchandise to choose different products with different software, such as clothing, medicine, supermarkets and other industries, the industry will have to distinguish between different software.

After the software is installed, enter the software’s admin interface, information about the options in the commodities inside, put all your goods are preserved here first: that the product barcode with a barcode inside the scanner sweep into your product and then save a good product name, price, etc., it can then be sold. Next we enter the software front sales interface, barcode scanner sweep to take the product barcode, the above will automatically display information product name, price, and then collect the money on it.

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