Tailand is one of a neighboring country of China. In a rather popular movie, ,many Chinese tourists are aspiring to that country. In that country, you not only can appreciate the exceedingly fascinating and charming ladyboys, but also can taste many different kinds of fruits and gorges scenery. All that irresistible charm attract you to that country. At present, Alipay barcode scanner is landed in the biggest duty-free shop, kingPower, which will be the another journey to Thailand.

On November 15th, Ant King service declared that Alipay barcode scanner is landed in KingPower completely. This is another foreign city in which the Alipay barcode scanner is went live. Before the end of November, four branch stores of KingPower will connected in another city areas.

Because of short distance of two countries and Thailand’s gorges scenery, many Chinese people are coming and going in a continuous stream. According to Tourist Administration statics, Thailand is one of the largest number of Chinese tour to foreign countries .

Many merchants would ask what I need to do if I want to install Alipay barcode scanner?

Our professional service kindly tell you that you should sign a agreement with Alipay and connect to the background. But the most important is that you should need a Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner. We recommend you the following device.

32bit Omni-Directional barcode scanner/reader for supermarketNT-2020



? 1500times/sec excellent decode speed
? 1D&2D scanning accurate
? 32Bit CPU
? Hands-free automatic
? 3mil high resolution
? Accurate screen scan

NT-6030 all directional scanner barcode scanner auto

1 (2)

About product
1. Factory direct sale, cheap price and stable scanning
2. Fast and accurate in reading 1D codes
3. Service life of button reaches up to 5 million times.
4. Multiple Interface : RS232 / USB/ PS2
5. No driver, plug and play

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