Is there necessary to install a driver while employing a barcode scanner? I bet many users have questions about the driver. This question needed to be answered professionally.

Firstly , all kinds of barcode scanners of our company are needed to install drivers. Our barcode scanner is out-of-box. Sometimes you may encounter such question that cable is connected well with computer while the decode data can not transmitted successfully into the notepad or software. I will tell you how to handle the problem. It has nothing to do with the driver installed in the computer. The reasons are as followed.

1. There is something wrong with the cable.
2. In notepad with the input method, if there is, try again after turning it down.
3. Maybe there is inaccurate settings previously, if there is ,try again after restoring the factory settings.
4. You can realize wireless Bluetooth transmission if you scan the barcode of the base when the wireless barcode scanner is connected with the cable.

NT-2015LY Bluetooth Wireless 1D handheld Laser Barcode Scanner with multi-interface

1. Unique trigger design, very comfortable operation sense.
2. Fast and accurate in reading all 1D codes.
3. Super scanning and decoding ability, can read incomplete and fuzzy codes.
4. Service life of button reaches up to 5 million times.
5. Supporting keyboards of over 20 countries and regions.
6. Full quakeproof, waterproof, dustproof, anti-knock design and EMI shielding; Suitable for each kind of industrial environment.


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